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Historically spelled beigel, they contain the most basic of ingredients.


Strong flour, yeast leavening and water are the key ingredients to the perfect bagel. Some come with or without eggs, milk or butter, but most call for the addition of a sweetener, which in turn gives it that sweeter delicious flavor.

Traditionally, the bagel making process starts by mixing and kneading the ingredients together to form a firm dough. Next comes the shaping by hand, each ball of dough carefully weighted and rolled into its round shape. Following a short proofing period, comes the boiling of each bagel in sweetened water before they are topped with seeds (usually the Sesame “White” Seeds), and finally baked in high heat.

These steps give our bagels their chewing and filling, yet light feel with every bite.

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What sets our bagels apart?


Our bagels are made without the use of eggs or any dairy product, allowing it to be more available to all sorts of people, from regular diets to our animal friendly vegans.

Our specialty bagel, our logo, is called the Every Seed Bagel. Consisting of the ever famous Sesame and Poppy seeds, it also has a touch of Black Cumin seeds to give it that little oomph!

Our ingredients are either locally purchased or Canadian made (with the exception of the seeds). We are proud to be a Canadian Owned and Run family business.

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Every Seed

OhBagel - Every Seed
OhBagel Plain

Plain (seedless)

Sesame Seed

OhBagel Sesame
OhBagel Poppy Seed

Poppy Seed


OhBagel ChocoChip Bagel
OhBagel Everything


OhBagel Cinnamon & Raisin



OhBagel - Specialty Marbled Dough Ball
OhBagel Whole Wheat

Whole Wheat

Jalapeno & Cheese

OhBagel Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese Vegan available
OhBagel - Cranberry Orange


Mini Bagels

OhBagel - details 1
Allergen Warning:
Gluten, Dairy, Seeds, Nuts, Spices, Starch
Prepared in a kitchen that also contains: dairy by-products, gluten, and nuts.
Ingredients come from both local and imported sources.
Bagels with dairy (regular or vegan) should be kept refrigerated after purchase.