OhBagel - Mother Daugther
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We are a mother/daughter duo, moved from Montreal to Vancouver, and missing that distinct traditional bagel taste.

Our bagels, at the base, are made without the use of dairy and eggs. They are hand rolled, thus their beautiful flaws, boiled in sweet water, topped, left plain or filled with flavors, and finally oven baked to perfection.

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Historically spelled beigel, they contain the most basic of ingredients.


Strong flour, yeast leavening and water are the key ingredients to the perfect bagel. Some come with or without eggs, milk or butter, but most call for the addition of a sweetener, which in turn gives it that sweeter delicious flavor.

[porto_testimonial skin=”primary” name=”Lauren Davis” role=”Facebook review” animation_type=”fadeInLeft”]AWESOME BAGELS! So tasty and fresh![/porto_testimonial]

Want to learn more about our bagels?

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We’ve taken Montreal-style bagels and brought them to the Fraser Valley of Beautiful British Columbia. Our bagels can be pre-ordered and picked up at local farm markets or from our home.

[porto_testimonial skin=”primary” name=”Brenna Price” role=”Facebook review” animation_type=”fadeInLeft”]I ordered some blueberry bagels after sampling some different flavors at their booth at the Mission Farmers Market. They are amazing! I’ve been eating them every morning for breakfast  I will definitely be ordering again, and the owners are so friendly![/porto_testimonial]